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Zimmer Knee Replacement Lawsuit Oregon

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What are My Limitations after Knee Replacement Surgery?

After living with knee pain for years and years, many people are eager to get their knee surgery underway. If every treatment they have tried has failed and knee replacement surgery is their only option, the prevailing attitude is usually “the sooner the better.”

Prior to undergoing knee surgery, it is important to understand not just the risks of the procedure, but also how your life will change once you have a knee replacement. Even if everything goes as planned and your surgery and recovery are a success, there are things you are going to sacrifice because of your new knee. Chances are these were things you already had given up because of your damaged knee, but you should not expect to regain your ability to do these things once your knee has been replaced.

Sports and Other High Impact Activities

Essentially, anything that places a high degree of pressure or impact on your knee is going to be deemed off-limits by your doctor. If you can find ways to modify a given activity in a way that protects your knee replacement, your doctor might approve.

The Knee Society recommends avoiding the following activities once you have undergone knee replacement surgery:

• Baseball
• Hockey
• Football
• Basketball
• Soccer
• Running or jogging
• High-impact aerobics
• Gymnastics
• Power weight lifting

Opinions vary on whether or not it is safe to play golf following knee replacement surgery. Some believe the action of swinging the club puts too much pressure on the knee, while others believe it is a great low-impact way to stay fit and active. You and your doctor can discuss whether or not golf will be an option for you following knee replacement surgery.

Individual Results Vary

It is important to discuss with your doctor what limitations you will have following your knee surgery. Obviously, in the immediate aftermath limitations will be many. It will be struggle enough just to walk and learn to do basic daily activities with your new knee, so your attention will be on those things, as opposed to sports and athletic activities. You will work with a physical therapist to help you regain strength and mobility, so over time activity will grow easier and easier. Most people find they are able to return to their usual roster of activities after three months, minus the higher impact activities that will no longer be permitted.

If you have concerns about what your limitations will be after knee surgery, speak to your doctor. He or she can review with you the risks and benefits of the procedure and help you decide if what you will need to sacrifice will be worth it to you in the long run.