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Zimmer Knee Replacement Lawsuit West Virginia

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Will I Ever Play Sports Again? Life after Knee Replacement Surgery

People choose knee replacement to alleviate the pain they feel when their natural knee is damaged, usually as the result of osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, despite the positive benefits of knee replacement surgery, there are some things patients might need to give up following the procedure. This is assuming all goes as planned. There are instances in which knee replacement procedures result in complications that make matters worse and require follow up surgical procedures.

Assuming your knee replacement surgery is a success you can expect to participate in the following activities as you recover or once your recovery is complete:

• Cycling
• Walking & hiking
• Low-resistance weightlifting
• Low-impact aerobic exercise
• Swimming
• Rowing
• Ski machines

Most doctors and knee health experts recommend mild to moderate physical activity soon after the operation and continuously for the rest of the patient’s life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping weight within a healthy range is an important part of ensuring knee replacement surgery is a success.

Unfortunately, there are some activities you might be forced to give up following a knee replacement procedure. Many of these are team sports and include higher impact activities that put stress on the knee. Activities you will likely need to avoid following knee replacement surgery include:

• Football
• Basketball
• Baseball
• Hockey
• Soccer
• Jogging or running
• High-impact aerobics
• Gymnastics
• Power lifting

Each case is different and for some, modified versions of these activities are allowed, while others might not be able to participate in one or more of the approved activities. Much of this depends on what a person was doing prior to their knee replacement procedure. For instance, if a person was not an avid hiker or biker prior to the procedure, doctors might warn against taking up a hobby like this following the operation. On the other hand, if a patient was forced to abandon a beloved form of exercise, these gentler options could provide a great alternative.

Likewise, some patients receive approval from their doctors to participate in the banned activities depending on the patient’s role in the sport. For instance, if you can participate in baseball games without running or placing a great deal of stress on your new knee, your doctor might give you the go-ahead to play. It is all determined on a patient by patient and doctor by doctor basis.

One of the most common requests from patients to their doctors is whether or not they can continue to golf following a knee replacement procedure. Again, approval of this activity will depend on the individual’s overall health and activity level. Some research indicates golf could unnecessarily stress knee replacement devices, while other information shows it to be a safe activity.