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Zimmer Knee Replacement Lawsuit North Dakota

Zimmer® Inc. has initiated a voluntary recall of Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plate/Persona TM Tibia.  If you or a loved one received a Zimmer Persona® Knee Replacement and are suffering certain side effects you may deserve compensation for your pain, suffering and medical expenses.  Call us today Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 for a free case review or simply fill out our contact form below and a lawyer will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your possible claim.  You must act quickly before any time limits expire.  Zimmer Knee Lawyer ND

Knee Implants and the Importance of Fit

Knee replacement devices have improved a great deal over the years, but there are still patients who experience issues with them. Often, the problem is not related to the quality of the device, but the size, fitting, or placement of the device. A problem with fit in a knee replacement device can cause the device to fail, leaving a patient in just as much pain as he or she was prior to the procedure.

Standard knee replacement devices are intended to fit a variety of knee sizes. Unfortunately, a variety is not all knee sizes and if the device’s size is off by just a few millimeters it can create pain well after the recovery period has ended.

Poor fit includes overhang and underhang of a device. Overhang occurs when the bone surface is smaller than the implant. This allows the device to rub into the soft tissue in the surrounding area and cause pain. Underhang creates a scenario in which the device does not cover and protect the exposed bone. This can also cause serious pain.

How Is My Implant Chosen?

Once you make arrangements to undergo surgery, your surgeon chooses your implant from a variety of a half dozen to a dozen sizes. Each manufacturer offers a different variety of sizes, so the number of options you have depends on what company made your implant.

Despite there not being an endless supply of sizes available, the best surgeons are able to place the implants in a way that compensates for slight inaccuracies. Occasionally though, surgeons are forced to make adjustments in the implant’s rotational alignment, moving it slightly to the right or left. These alignments have been known to cause pain.

Improvements are on the Horizon

The good news is knee replacement device manufacturers are aware of the problem and are in the process of expanding their options. Many are offering a wider range of implant sizes in their standard lines. Additionally, technology is improving the surgeon’s ability to plan for and execute surgery to ensure a good fit and reduce the risk for pain. Scanning the knee in advance of surgery allows surgeons to collect data and use special instruments during the procedure to make sizing and alignment easier.

If you have concerns about the fit of your knee replacement device or you are experiencing pain following the procedure, speak to your doctor about what could be done to avoid the pain or what can be done to fix it once the procedure is complete.